Innovative Entertainment Blockchain Platform

Blockchain technology brings artists and fans closer together


The MZC(Muze Creative) project is designed to protect intellectual property right to digital creation and to address many of the problems of chronic distribution infrastructure. It will establish a universal blockchain ecosystem for artists(music, art, webtoon, movie, publishing etc.) around the world, protect creator's rights through the introduction of new blockchain infrastructure, and establish an ecosystem where ordinary people can easily access digital creative services. It also wants to build a new entertainment investment platform for new artists to grow and develop.



  • ・Sales of creative products(concert tickets, albums, MD products, pictures, and collections)
  • ・QR code payment
  • ・Online Community
  • ・Entertainment Content
  • ・MZC rewards


  • ・Advertising
  • ・Provide SNS communities
  • ・Plug-in Service
  • ・Entertainment content for artists
  • ・MZC rewards


  • ・Invest in new projects
  • ・New Artist Voting System
  • ・Collaboration project with multiple IPs
  • ・Blockchain Game

Compensate artist's copyright additional revenue with MZC token

The MZC platform allows artists to register, sell and promote their creations, and reward additional revenue for copyright revenue with a token. In addition, it provides an agency (manager) with a convenient and efficient management and settlement of artists, and an artistry (consumer) provides active transactions and communities for secondary creations made up of secondary production as producers as well as purchases as consumers.

The MZC ecosystem plays a central role in these ecosystems and provides a fair distribution structure and the agency's reasonable management and settlement to enable artists to get the right compensation for their music creations. In addition, the MZC ecosystem provides active trading and community for secondary creations made up of rights and consumption/production as consumers with transparent distribution lines.



MZC supports the new standard, ERC-1155, for the transaction of safe and fast items and copyrights. ERC-1155 is highly scalable and is easy to manufacture, so it will serve as a stepping stone for developing new blockchain services in the future.

MCS stable token exchanged for MZC
Market Value of MCS MCS = 1KRW = 0.0009$(US) = 0.1YEN
Initial Distribution 100,000,000,000 MCS
Recommended minimum setting Creation value 5 MCS
Minimum recommended number of tokens purchased 10 MCS

ERC-1155 recruitment


MZC Wallet is an MZC/MCS multi-pocket used within the MZC platform. Users of an overflow dedicated to mobile devices can easily and conveniently identify and transfer their assets. With the transaction function between MZC/MCS, the rich contents prepared by MZC can be used in the wallet in conjunction with the MZC Market service.


MZC intends to provide flexible and secure Dapp services beyond the limits of existing function by applying upgradeable smart contract using delete call.


MZC will develop an entertainment crowdfunding platform called MZC Project to support the new production of rookie artists. With blockchain-based crowdfunding of the artist's creations, the function of allowing investors to get back their down payment in case of fund raising in case of failure or to send a reward in case of success is provided through smart contact code. In addition, to meet the conditions by passing the minimum amount of funding through the open distributed ledger, excessive investment is concentrated through the principal's acquaintance to prevent unreasonable actions in order to appear favorable to the process of funding.

When funding is successful, funding and compensation for artists’ works, performances, exhibition tickets.
First compensation: MCS compensation for successful funding Secondary compensation: MCS compensation for successful goals

Entertainment crowdfunding (MZC Project):

  • Blockchain investment platform to create new projects and invest in artists
  • Introduce artists, agencies (producers), distributors, and fans (personal investors, artistry) to how they invest in projects and how they progress


Stay tuned for a variety of alliance news and business progress.



Distribution Amount Rate Remark
Total Issue 5,000,000,000
Distribution (Sales) 1,000,000,000 20%
Platform Operations 750,000,000 15%
Team, Advisor, Partner 1,000,000,000 20%
Company Reserves 750,000,000 15% Platform operation reserve
Marketing, Operation 1,500,000,000 30%
Total 5,000,000,000 100%


  • High
    copyright value
  • Various fields artist,
  • Other fields
    fan promotion
    blockchain game
    excavating new artist
  • New artist,
    fan Participation
    arise in value

The high copyright value will lead to the participation of artists in various fields, and spread within the MZC platform to expand the number of newly participating users. and spread within the MZC platform to expand the number of newly participating users.

Participants in MZC Project's new artist incubation and production investment business, and MZC platform users' expansion of MZC platform users in blockchain game business will be expanded, and the spread users will lead to a rise in MZC platform's market sales and token value.

  • Sales of
  • Artist
  • New
  • IP related
  • Token transaction exchange fee
  • Copyright Settlement of Artist's MZC Works
  • MZC Project Entertainment Cloud Funding
  • MZC Blockchain game
  • MZC MARKET payment for sale of goods
  • MZC Publishing & PR compensation
  • Advertising revenue


MZC Team Member consisting of entertainment experts and & blockchain engineers, including music platform operation and game business.

  • Mike, Shin
    • Director, Coram Golbal Co.,Ltd.
    • TeamManager,Geodiswilson Co.,Ltd.
    • Manager, Deatrant Co.,Ltd
  • SeongRae, Jo
    • Melbourne University AU
    • DearLab CTO
    • HD BS&C Co.,Ltd Developer
    • Dongyang Networks Service engineer
  • Teakyoung, Kim
    • Internet Communications Inc.
    • Hanwha S & Co Co., Ltd.
    • Naders Co., Ltd.
    • Raonwiz Technology Co., Ltd.
  • JongHee, Park
    Senior Blockchain Developer
    • Seoul National University,
    • School of Electrical Engineering
    • D.FY Senior Developer
    • Weathernews Developer
    • Com2us Developer
  • Woney, Lee
    • Planning/Marketing
    • Seiso Insights Co., Ltd.
    • Pine nut Co., Ltd.
    • Pacific Dream Co., Ltd
  • YoungYou, Sohn
    Development planning
    • Kyunghee University
  • SungEun, Kim
    • Seoul National University of Technology
    • Platform development
  • HwaJu, Lee
    • Kyunghee University
  • Mansur Haider
    • Technolohical University
    • TAVANT Technologies
  • Parimal Dhimmar
    Full Stack Developer
    • Veer Narmad South Gujarat University
    • JZero IT Solution Pvt Ltd.
    • Nuorigin Software Solution PVT Ltd.
  • Pradip Patel
    Sr. Web Developer
    • Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information & Communication Technology
    • Everestek LLC
  • Deepak RAI
    • Sikkim Mainpal University
    • Rainbow Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
    • Zensar Technologies
  • Joshua, Lee
    • Yellow submarine Co.,Ltd
  • Minjing, roh
    Development planning
    • Development planning
    • Cnex development team
  • JaeHwan, Park
    • Hanyang University
    • LSC Architecture Co., Ltd


Advisors made up of a group of experts from leading companies in the Korean and Japanese film and K-pop sectors.

  • Nicky Lee
    • CEO Rockin Korea Co., Ltd.
    • Launched Web magazine ArRi
  • Gor Vogormyan
    • Secretary General at Blockchain Security Lab based in Singapore (
    • Secretary General and co-founder of Mana Algorithm Lab based in Silicon Valley, San Francisco.
    • Co-founder and Advisor at IDBOOK - P2P Digital Identity System (
    • Member of World Blockchain Association
    • Advisor at TienTech
    • Expert at UNICEF (
    • Vice President at Alchemy Chain Fund
  • Grant, Oh
    • Department of Computer Information Engineering, Dongguk University
    • CEO of Media Star Planet Oversea Div.
    • CEO of SK-EDU Netsgo
    • Samsung Electronics Media Group
  • Hyung-Hyup, Kim
    • Directed by 'Dad is a daughter'
    • Columbia College Film & Video
    • Cicargo University Film
    • American Film Instutute Directing, MFA
  • JunYung, Jang
    • Pepperdine University
    • Computer Science and Mathematics
    • The Chase Manhattan Bank, EDP Engineer
    • The Royal Bank of Canada, EDP Supervisor
  • Jiyoung, Kim
    • Yonsei University
    • Department of Business Administration
    • SK energy marketing plan
    • KMPS (FirstData) director
    • Head of SK M & Services Division
  • Lucas Kim
    • Guro-gu Smart City Policy consultant
    • Z-Storm Director
    • LKConvergence Director
    • XZO-Game Director
  • Min-gul Kim
    • CEO of JS E&M
    • Director of MY Entertainment
    • Director of Story Entainment
    • Chief Officer of Redbrickhouse
    • Chief Officer of MyCompany
  • Nakil Kim
    • Konkuk University Ph.D./M. in Computer Information Engineering
    • CEO of Neorama, CEO of Big Frame
    • CEO of Devclan
    • Development and service of a number of mobile games other than 'Get Amped


It will sign various partnerships including records, webtoons, writers and illustrators in 2019 and host the Grand Service Open in December 2019.
In 2020, it will operate blockchain game business and MZC market and artist's compensation platform to complete development of MZC project platform.
It aims to grow and develop as a global entertainment company through operation of MZC market platform and entertainment investment platform in 2021.


PLK Soft Establishment
Development of Blockchain and Security Solution
Planning Block Chain MZC Platform


Rockin Korea Partnership
MZC Global Establishment (Singapore)
MZC Private Sale Progress
Planning MZC BlockChain Platform
MZC Blockchain Copyright Settlement Modeling
MZC Blockchain Charge Management,
Contract Management Development
Held MZC launch event in Shenzhen, China (July 30)
Strategic alliance with partners such as Rockin Korea,
PK Entertainment, IHero, Arthur & Able
Listed on FCoin Exchange (August 15)
MZC Site 1.0 Grand Open (2019.12)
MZC Player Dapp Service
MZC Launching Commemoration Conference (Asia)
Mainnet Modeling


Blockchain Game 'Cockfight' Launching
Blockchain Game 'Dragonpuzzle' Development
Launched MZC Project Crowdfunding
Started Development of MZC IP-related Business
Development MZC Project Crowdfunding System
Development MZC IP Related Business System
MZC Site 2.0 Open (2020.12)
MZC 2.0 Launching Anniversary Promotional Concert
Expand MZC Entertainment Management Business:

Incubating and Operating 2 New Artist Teams
Management 30 Newer Webtoon Teams

10 Kinds of Publishing Blockchain Games (Casuals and Rhythms)


10 Kinds of Publishing Besides Blockchain Game RPG
MZC Blockchain Development Completed
Expand MZC Entertainment Investment:

MZC Platform + Enter the Entertainment Business (Movie, VR, etc.)


Last updated: June 2019


To proctect you from the infringe of the Identity and some of unexcpected accidents would harm your privacy, we have set the Privacy Policy.

Please read carefully and make sure in the Platform service uses.

1. MZC platform is obliged to protect all the user's privacy.

1.1 The user's privacy would be the followings.

Username, password, e-mail address, MZC Wallet address, all amount of MZC token on the wallet, history of MZC Platform usage, history of the Token

2. MZC platform is obliged to protect all the MZC user’s privacy.

3. The MZC user’s privacy would be the followings.

Username, password, nation, Phone Number, e-mail address, MZC Wallet address, all amount of MZC token on the user's wallet, history of MZC Platform usage, history of the Token.

4. MZC Platform is obliged to collect the private information as hashed to protect the privacy of the users.

MZC would not hand out the user’s private information except in some case.

4.1 Some case as an exception is the following.

  • • If a user infringed another person's copyright on the MZC Platform
  • • If a users gains some income by infringing another person's copyright on the MZC Platform
  • • When a user is under investigation because of the infringement of a copyright.

If one of these case happens, the MZC Platform needs to hand the user's information for statistical data research, academic material research or market research, the information of the MZC users could not be identified. In this case, MZC would not hand out the information of the user's name, password, MZC Wallet address.

5. Some information would be collected automatically made in the process of using the platform service or in the management of the business works.

5.1 Some information would be the followings.

The IP Address, Cookies, Date of visit, The type of the OS, The type of the browser, A history of MZC token usage, A history of errors, A history of the hashtag usage

6. If a user uses the MZC Platform service on the mobile device. Some information of the device would be collected automatically not identified.

6.1 Some information of the device would be the followings

Model of the device, Hardware ID, A version of the device OS.

7. MZC Platform collects the information by following ways.

Sign up of a user, A history of the usage on the MZC Platform, A usage of the Contact service, Sending an E-mail to MZC Platform, Register and Event, Running on an MZC SNS.

8. Hashtag information collected on MZC Platform would be used to suggest adjust the interface to each user. We collect the information as hashed to make it hard to identify a user from the hashtag.

9. MZC Platform would let the user check the official announcement and send an e-mail after a user signing up.

10. MZC Platform could use MZC user's information- history of the hashtag usage, earning creations and setting of liking workrooms and the information of the Token purchase and usage on the MZC Platform service.

  • • Providing platform serve interface adjust the user's pattern of the usage
  • • Checking up problems which happen on the MZC Platform Usage
  • • Planinng & Marketing an event
  • • Developing a new service of the MZC Platform
  • • Making a statistic of the MZC Platform usage

11. MZC Platform would share the following information related to the user's privacy.

  • • MZC Wallet address
  • • History of MZC purchase
  • • History of MZC transition
  • • History of the earning a creation or a right of initiating 2ndary creation with the MZC Token.

12. MZC could check some information shared with SNS related one of MZC site or a post on the MZC Platform through Add This service.

12.1 Some information that would be shared to Add This service would be the followings.

  • • Amount of sharing on SMS for a periods
  • • Information that cannot check through Add This service.
  • • Account information of specific user's SNS
  • • Information of a specific user's SNS post

13. MZC Platform has no authority to delete a user's post, reviews, and comments in case the user is not deactivated.

14. The account would be deleted after 5 years passed since the user deactivated.

15. MZC Platform is obliged to announce to all user if there is a change on the Privacy policies in 7 days.

Terms of the Services

Last updated: June 2019


To service you better services, we have set the Terms of the Sevices as following. Please read carefully and make sure in the Platform service uses..

Please read carefully and make sure in the Platform service uses.

1. The MZC user should promise the following to use the MZC Platform service.

1.1 Platform service specifics would be one of the followings.

  • • Support the Artist's work economically.
  • • Provide feedback to Artist as a review or comment.
  • • Create a 2nd Copyright Creation of other Artists.

2. The MZC user should agree on the MAZ Policies and follow it.

2.1 All user should promise to follow the essential policy(for All users).

2.2 The artist should promise to follow the essential policy(for artist).

2.3 All user should promise that the user understood the essential policy and agree on disadvantages.

2.4 The Disadvantages are following things.

  • • Unable to access to certain Arti's cration on platform.
  • • When Account is Deactivated, the user would be restricted to earn other's cretions. leaving a comment or reviews.

3. The MZC user should unserstand each copyright belongs to it's creator.

3.1 The copyright is the artist's own right. MZC platform does not have any authority on the artist's own copyright.

3.2 Each copyright might be under the law of the Nation where the artist belongs, registered the copyright or created the creation.

3.3 MZC Platform is obligated to do the appropriate measures that the artist requested not to be infringing of the copyright in our service.

3.3.1 Appropriate measures would be the followings.

  • • Deactive the account of the user who infringed the other's copyright
  • • If the infringed user is an artist and uploaded the creation made with infringing the copyright, the user's workroom would not be available for other uses and also the sales on the MZC market.
  • • In case it is convincing as legal infrigement, the amount that seems to gain with infringement would be open to the copyright holder(It might be accurate the amount of gain).

3.3.2 Inappropriate measures would be followings.

  • • Deleting the infringing user's workroom.
  • • Opening all amount of the infringing user's gained MZC in the MZC platform service.
  • • Deleting the infringing user's file or post which is uploaded on another site that MZC Platform has no charge of.
  • • Opening all the privacy of the infringing user that the MZC Platform collected to the public (Exception: the user who was infringed,the investigated institution)

3.4 MZC Platform is obliged to hand out all the related information when an investigate institution requested.

3.4.1 "All the related information" would be the followings.

  • • The information about infringing user's privacy that MZC collected.
  • • The history of the infringing user's usage of the platform and the all MZC amount of the user & its history.
  • • All the post-creation, review and comment based on the infringing the copyright.
  • • The history of the infringed user's usage of the platform and the all MZC amount of the user & its history.
  • • The creation that was infringed the copyright.
  • • The history of the infringed user's sales of the right to intiate 2ndary and the list 2ndary creations by other users that allowed by the infringed user.

4. If there is an MZC user who seems to steal other artist's identity or use other person's creation such as its own work and was improved of the cheating, the MZC user would be deactivated.

4.1 Examples of improvement.

  • • When a person who claims as the real artist registered the creation's copyright legally.
  • • There is no creation that the MZC user can identify itself as the real artist who is known as.
  • • The MZC user was identified as not the real artist that the user claimed as by the law.
  • • When the MZC user uploaded the creation later than the person, claiming as the real artist, uploading even on the other sub-pages.

4.2 When More than Two in above are fulfilled the No.4 would be activated.

4.3 MZC(MuzeCreative), a company that running the MZC Platform service, has no right to make a legal decision on the identity or creation theft. The deactivating a user who seems to steal is just to prevent the problem become serious.

4.4 If a user was convicted as on a charge of identity or creation theft legally, MZC would hand out the information to the person who was convinced as being infringed - the user's e-mail address, all the post, MZC wallet address, history of MZC use on

5. MZC Platform has no authority to take away a user's MZC Token arbitrarily.

6. MZC Platform could hand out MZC Token through an event like Airdrop. The MZC Tokens is provided would be protected by each user's property right.

7. MZC Platform is obliged to announce to all users if there is a change on the terms of the service in 7 days.


Last updated: June 2019

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